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Dr Kaviani is a Breast surgeon who has started working as an assistant professor of surgery in Tehran University of Medical Sciences since 2002. Now he continues working in Imam Hospital -the biggest university hospital in Iran affiliated by Tehran University of Medical Sciences- as Professor of Surgery. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of a medical journal in the field of breast cancer named "Archives of Breast Cancer" (


He was born in Qazvin (a historical city 130 km far from the capital city of Tehran) in 1969 and passed the primary school in Eslami-Safaei, Badr, Amir-Kabir schools. He got his high school diploma in Shariati high school in Qazvin. In 1987 he has started medicine in Faculty of Medicine, Tehran University of Medical Sciences. During studying medicine he felt in himself a great enthusiasm for and an increasing interest in Surgery. In 1994 he finished his course in medicine and got M.D. degree. Just after graduation at the same scholar year he started surgery residency in the same university.

 In 1991 when the student research center has been started working in TUMS he was among those students who contribute to its establishment and development. In 1999 he got national board of general surgery as the sixth rank in country. During his graduation he started working in surgery department of Iranian Cancer Institute, the sole specialized cancer center in Iran, to fulfill the requirements for his education and experience in surgery. It was then that he was acquainted with the concept of breast and cancer surgery and realized that this notion could affect the attitude of the other surgeons toward cancer management as well as their surgical decisions in selecting the best diagnostic plans and technical procedures. Perceiving the needs of cancer patients and the undeniable attempts of the surgeons to respond to the complaints of the patients and to relieve their pain made him firmly determined to pursue Breast Surgery in the future.

Work experiences:

In 2000, he joined Iranian Center for Breast Cancer (ICBC) to gain as much experience as possible in the field of breast surgery and to conduct some relevant research projects. According to his activities, soon he was selected as the director of the center (ICBC). ICBC provided him with a unique opportunity to be directly involved in different aspects of breast diseases management in the community.

During his practice in this field he was convinced that the greatest flaw in cancer management in many developing countries as Iran is the lack of good co-ordination among physicians involved in cancer management. This defect goes back to the point that there are no rotational courses on medical or radiation oncology in the curriculum of the undergraduate and even postgraduate education in Iran. As a result, different physicians in various specialties do not have enough information about the multidisciplinary approach that is essential in breast cancer management.

In late 2001 he joined TUMS and started working in surgery department as assistant professor of surgery  in Imam Hospital, the biggest university hospital in Iran. During 5 years he focused his activities in breast surgery and research. These activities ended up to publish more than 10 research articles and manage more that 350 breast cancer patients as surgeon in three years.  In 2004 and 2006 he was the chairman of the first and the second National Iranian Breast Cancer Congresses. 

Advanced Training:

Dr Kaviani always strongly believes he should promote his knowledge and experience by joining great renowned breast centers round the globe. So in 2006 he joined Curie and Gustave Roussy Institutes in Paris. The supports that he receive from the outstanding group of the surgeons and scientists in these centers as well as the knowledge and experience he had through studying the scientific and administrative aspects and arrangement of the ideal centers provided him with all the requirements that he need in order to accomplish his ambition to fund a comprehensive cancer center in Iran in which an ideal team work among the specialists is performed in breast cancer management. At the end of two years experience in these centers he got 3 academic French diploma  e.g.  inter-university diploma of Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery and AFSA in both Surgery and Oncology fields.

In 2008 he returned to his home country, Iran, and continued his work in TUMS surgery department. Based on his new publications and promotions he has got in France, his academic rank was increased from assistant to associate professor of Surgery. His academic activities are continued by getting his new job as the chancellor of the Imam Khomeini University Hospital from 2009 to 2011. 


During the recent years he has published 30 more articles in peer reviewed national and international medical journals and conducted more than 15 research projects. His research interests and scientific achievements convinced the chair of department to select him as "research deputy of the department" in 2011, the position that is directed by him till now. His page in google-scolar is available now at

Private Clinic:

In recent 5 years Dr Kaviani has started his new job in the private section by establishing his private clinic in North of Tehran. It is the sole private breast clinic in which all process of the patient management is registered electronically. He himself has sponsored all expenses of the process. Up to now more than 1300 breast cancer patient have their own unique electronic records in this clinic. The other prominent point in this private clinic is the great attention to the concept of multidisciplinary team work in management of patients.

 He believes his attempts during the past 15 years of research and clinical practice on breast surgery which have been reflected in his publications in well-recognized national and international journals can have created a solid base of knowledge and experience to promote the concept of multidisciplinary approach to breast disease management e.g. breast cancer surgery, oncoplastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, cosmetic breast surgery in a comprehensive breast center.

Archives of Breast Cancer Journal:

Since 2014 the new activity of Prof Kaviani has been started. Archives of Breast Cancer is a new medical Journal published quarterly. It is considered as a scientific forum for all members of the medical team involving in breast cancer control and management. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal.


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