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Kaviani Breast Diseases Institute




Multidisciplinary thinking and practicing in the field of breast cancer is crucial, however, it is relatively neglected in Iran. This clinic is planned to become a comprehensive breast center in Iran with cooperation of different physicians and surgeons participating in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of various breast diseases (e.g. breast surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, cyto-pathologists, basic scientists and plastic surgeons).

Oncoplastic breast surgery is an interdisciplinary sub-specialty and its aim is not only to treat the cancer effectively, but also to restore or reconstruct the shape of the diseased breast. These techniques have revolutionized the concept and the practice of breast surgery, bestowed upon patients a better life and eased their coping with the disease. This clinic is the first one in our country that tries to develop the idea and provide the patients with these elite new procedures.

In addition to breast cancer, one of the most common complaints of the patients is their concern about the shape, size and cosmetics of their breasts. In many cases the problem of large breasts interferes with their normal life and obliges them to seek a solution. This institute also has special protocols for aesthetic breast surgery and takes some neglected points of views in this field into account (e.g. psychological and psychiatric aspects).


Dr Ahmad Kaviani



     Dr Kaviani works as an associate professor of surgery in department of surgery of Tehran University of Medical sciences. He has published 17 scientific papers in esteemed peer reviewed medical journals. Also he has presented his works in many national and international medical conferences and scientific meetings. Now he is the president of Imam Khomeini university hospital and ....

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Breast management; A guideline on common diseases


What is provided in the clinic?



In this clinic different outpatient services are provided for the patients.

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More than 40 articles have been published in national and international peer reviewed journals by Dr Kaviani. To see the list of the article click here.


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